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~ Foods that are alive are foods that help you to thrive ~

Fermented Drinks

Sauerkrauts and Pickles


Including fermented & sprouted foods in your daily diet increases nutrient uptake from foods, boosts immune system funtion & adds a new variety of flavours to your life.

~ Our Guarantee ~


The Cottage Collective uses the most ethically produced ingredients sourced as locally as possible. This means we use organic, biodynamic or spray free produce and keep food miles low.


All fermented foods by The Cottage Collective are made by hand, fermented in ceramic crocks or oak barrels & are unpasturised, keeping intact the lactic-acid-producing bacteria that can aid in digestion.


 We only package in reusable glass or compostable corn starch based bio-plastics. Please enjoy our unique artisan products.


"Creating delectable dips, crave-worthy krauts, kombucha and kefirs, and sumptuous salsas and chutneys from locally and ethically grown produce."

The Cottage Collective

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