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Liposomal Vitamin C

Premium sunflower lecithin phospholipids encapsulating sodium ascorbate


Liposomal Vitamin C - Original Pure Sunflower - 200 mL

  • Our original pure sunflower is a premium liposomal C with no unnecessary additives. Based on sunflowers rather than soy and free of any additional flavouring, sweeteners or excipients, this liposomal C provides a perfect nutritious boost to your day.

    Made in Australia using the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Palm-free and GMO-free from farm to finished product. Lab Verified and Quality Guaranteed.  At Vital Remedies, Purity is Priority!
    The 200 mL is our most popular size, providing a generous 40 servings per bottle. Each 5mL serve contains 1000 mg non-acidic vitamin C ( as sodium ascorbate)
    Add a dash to your smoothie juice or glass or simple glass of water and feel the difference!

    Ingredients: 100% pure Liposomal Vitamin C (Non-GMO sunflower lecithin, High purity non-GMO (vitamin C), Pure water, Alcohol (12% vol.))

    Each serve provides a rich source of essential nutrients including choline for healthy brain and nerve function, and nature’s super-antioxidant - vitamin C, all in a readily absorbed & pourable form.

    Laboratory verified and made using the highest quality ingredients, we are proud to offer a 100% genuine liposomal product!



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