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Our process uses state-of-the-art techniques to produce high quality liposomes. We use phospholipids sourced from non-GMO sunflowers, high purity sodium L-ascorbate (vitamin C) and pure water.


Every care is taken to ensure our liposome suspensions are free from fluoridation, chlorination and other contaminants.


Alcohol is added as a preservative to increase the shelf-life of the product. Depending on the product, extracts of organic turmeric or organic ginger are added for increased potency.


Every batch is subject to laboratory testing to ensure the highest quality liposomes are present.


The vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) content of our formulations is ~5g per 20 mL (4.5 g ascorbic acid equivalent)

Did You Know...


Phospholipids are an essential nutrient in their own right (9,10). They contain a substance called choline, which is essential for healthy brain funciton, nerve signalling and cell repair. Phospholipids also serve to repair liver damage (10,11).

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